The publishing industry is changing, creating opportunities for writers to produce books on their own, without going through an agent or traditional publisher. Now, almost anyone can produce a book and share their voice with the reading public. As simple as that sounds, self-publishing incorporates a variety of skills apart from the writing of your work. Making your project look professional and marketable requires diverse abilities ranging from cover design to line editing to ebook formatting.

The services you need, not the ones we want to sell.

We’ll sit down with you and discuss your project, and help you determine the best course for publishing and distribution. Then you choose what’s right for you. For example: if you just want a little guidance to navigate the self-publishing process, we offer workshops and one-on-one training to help you with every step of the journey. If you need a professional with a particular skill set, we’ll connect you with the right person and will stay involved in the process to ensure it’s completed to your satisfaction.


Woodward Press is an effort by four local writers to make self-publishing an affordable process for people who wish to have control over their own writing careers. Our network of service providers includes editors, layout professionals, and cover artists who work with writers to create gorgeous, professional books in any genre.

The people behind Woodward Press are all experienced and published writers who are active in our local writing communities. We are dedicated to producing quality work, and to communicating with our clients at every stage of the publishing process.


The writers who have created Woodward Press understand that the future of the publishing industry has arrived. Individuals with a working knowledge of the new publishing technologies can now accomplish every aspect of book production. Of course, not every writer has the time or desire to become an expert in each field, such as cover design or epub formatting.

That’s why we’ve come together to create a publishing community, an organization that can guide writers through the self-publishing process. Our goal is to provide instruction in each area of publishing for those who wish to do it themselves, or connect writers with a network of professionals dedicated to specific tasks.

Our network is comprised only of writers and artists, not salespeople or corporate executives. We are not looking to get rich from this endeavor, only to share our experience, establish a small business presence, and oh by the way help change the face of the publishing industry.

Maybe you only want to publish a small volume of stories or poems. Maybe it’s a family memoir. Maybe you believe the novel that was turned down by dozens of agents still deserves to be published. The writers behind Woodward Press believe you should be able to see those goals become reality. And we’re here to help.