Publishing your book professionally involves mastering a variety of skills. We have a great network of service providers who are willing to help. We can present you with several options, based on your goals and budget. You’ll also have an opportunity to interact personally with your chosen service provider before you contract for any work, to help ensure s/he is the right person to work with. Here are the services we offer now, and those we will be offering in the upcoming months:


  • Proofreading/ Line Editing: After countless revisions and rereads, even the most cherished manuscript becomes a blur. Get a pair of professional editing eyes to catch any remaining typos or grammar issues.
  • Manuscript Assessment (Developmental Editing): Is your book really done and ready to be published? We will give you an honest and fair assessment, based on our years of editing experience. We’ll tell you what works and what doesn’t, and how it might be improved.
  • Substantive Editing: If you decide your book needs big time help, we have the editors to guide you through the revision process.
  • Conversion to Digital Formats: The conversion guide for Smashwords is almost 100 pages long. And that’s just one of at least a half dozen electronic formats. Relax. We’ll handle all that.
  • Cover Design: The first impression of your book comes from its cover. We can connect you with an artist who is experienced both in book design and in working with clients to achieve the professional-quality look you want.
  • POD Print Ready Layout: Paginating your book is a detailed and highly technical process. Frankly, it shouldn’t be done in Word or Publisher. Entrust it to us and get it done right the first time.
  • Marketing Assistance: There are thousands of marketing opportunities out there. What works? What doesn’t? Let us sift through your options and help you develop a marketing plan for your book.
  • Legalese: We’ll help you cover the technical stuff like copyright language, securing an ISBN, permissions and more.



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