Novel-Length:     $250 Full Package/ $200 Amazon only
    Approximately 50,000 words and up.

    Novella-Length:   $175 Full Package / $150 Amazon only
    Approximately 25,000 – 50,000 words.

    Short Stories:      $125 Full Package / $100 Amazon only
    For individual works (not anthologies) of up to approximately 25,000 words.

    Other Works:      Contact us for a quote.
    This category is for cookbooks, children’s books, poetry chapbooks, graphic novels, and books with breakout text boxes or photographs. These works present special challenges which may not be covered in our standard rates. To get the most accurate quote, please include a detailed description of your project in your query email: let us know the length of the work, the number of photographs or other graphics, and any formatting requirements.


    ISBN:                    $50 each for the 1st two / $30 for each additional ISBN

    Please note: if you purchase an ISBN from Woodward Press, your book must list Woodward Press as the publisher. Available for both print and ebooks.

    Copyright Registration:             $75 – $125

    Distribution Platform Setup:   $75
    Choose this option if your ebook is ready to go, but you need help navigating the various distribution platforms. We’ll create author accounts for you on each of the most popular digital platforms (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and Smashwords) so that all money goes straight to you and we’ll upload one existing, already-converted manuscript of any length to all three platforms.

    Help, Help!        $60/hour
    1-hour minimum. Some e-book conversions are trickier than they look. If you’ve tried everything but your ebook still just doesn’t look right, we can help.


    With the Full Package, we’ll prepare your manuscript for the most popular e-book platforms (Amazon, B&N, and Smashwords) and place of your books on each of those platforms. The Amazon only price is for books which will be entered into Amazon’s KDP Select program. We can also create your author accounts upon request.

    The cost of attaching the cover, creating an internal table of contents,  and adding up to two interior graphics and three social media/website links are included in this rate. Additional links, footnotes, and graphics will increase the price; if you need any of these extras please contact us for a quote. 

    Please note: inclusion in the Smashwords Premium Catalog (for distribution to Apple and Kobo) is available for an additional $50. This includes the purchase of an ISBN for your ebook; if you already have an ISBN, we can include your book in the Smashwords Premium Catalog for free.

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