• Manuscript Editing & Proofreading

    Copy Editing & Line Editing


    After countless revisions and rereads, even the most cherished manuscript becomes a blur. Our professional editors will catch your typos and grammatical errors. Each of our editors has the training and experience it takes to provide you with a polished manuscript.


    Manuscript Assessment


    Is your book really ready to be published? We’ll give you an honest and fair assessment. We’ll provide a synopsis of what does and doesn’t work, and offer insight about where to make improvements. We can work from a sample portion or your complete manuscript.

  • Substantive Editing


    If your book needs serious help, our editors can assist you. We can help you identify plot and logic holes, offer research sources, and will work closely with you to make your book the best it can be.



    Don’t wait until your book has gone to print to discover that your character who’s said “ain’t” for 20 chapters is suddenly saying “is not” for the last three. Our professional proofreaders will review every line for consistency.

  • Cost is based upon your selected editor’s experience level.

    You’ll receive sample edits and estimates for the full job from up to three of our editors before we ask you to sign a contract.

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