Our Print Layout package includes the cost of uploading your book to CreateSpace, IngramSpark, or Lulu. We can also accommodate delivery to other printers. We can also guide you through the account creation process for those printing services.


    Print Layout                 $95/hour
    More goes into producing a quality printed book than just attaching a cover. Our print layout team can make your work look so clean, it’ll be hard to tell it apart from books produced by the major publishing houses.

    Other works:      Contact us for a quote.
    This category is for cookbooks, children’s books, poetry chapbooks, graphic novels, and books with breakout text boxes or photographs. These works present special challenges which may not be covered in our standard rates. To get the most accurate quote, please include a detailed description of your project in your query email: let us know the length of the work, the number of photographs or other graphics, and any formatting requirements.


    ISBN:                    $50 each for the 1st two / $30 for each additional ISBN

    Available for both print and ebooks.

    Please note: if you purchase an ISBN from Woodward Press, your book must list Woodward Press as the publisher. 

    Copyright Registration:             $75 – $125



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